Daryl Wells – Head Coach
New Mexico Swimming – Age Group Vice Chair 2015-2019
New Mexico Swimming – COACH OF THE YEAR 2013-1014
New Mexico Swimming – Western Zones Team – Head Coach 2015
New Mexico Swimming – Western Zones Team – Asst Coach 2014
New Mexico High School Water Polo League – COACH OF THE YEAR 2017
GOLD GROUP advanced
St. Pius X High School Head Coach Aquatics
(505) 504-5545
Coach Daryl WellsYoung Daryl

Daryl is dedicated to helping swimmers of all level to achieve great success and satisfaction in the sport of swimming. He brings his own significant experience and competitive nature to the pool deck. Daryl focuses his coaching on technique, mental preparation and speed. 
Swimmer, Swim coach, Swimming: It is in his blood. Daryl’s father was a swimmer. Daryl spent his youth swimming up to 4 hours a day, 7 days a week, with most weekends spent at swim meets. Daryl is a California transplant. He grew up in an area where swimming and triathlon are huge sports eclipsing even the traditional sports like football and baseball.  
As a young swimmer, Daryl swam with the storied De Anza Swim Team, home to a number of Olympians. In addition to swimming at elite level in his home Santa Clara County California, he spent the summers in Colorado and Oregon where he swam undefeated in all events throughout his youth. During High School, Daryl continued to pursue a high achievement level earning multiple MVP awards in both swimming and water polo. He was selected to the all league team in both sports, multiple times. Throughout his swimming career, Daryl has competed at regional, state and national level.
Daryl has spent his coaching career shepherding swimmers, triathletes and water polo players of all ages and skill levels, from masters fitness swimmers and novice youth swimmers to the most elite iron man triathletes, water polo players and swimmers at the International level.
All levels: Age Group-Elite International Swimmers
Barracuda Swimming
St. Pius Aquatics Head Coach
Rio Grande Masters Swimming
San Luis Aquatics Masters, San Luis Obispo California
San Luis Obispo Seahawks, San Luis Obispo California
Homestead High School Varsity, Cupertino California
St Pius/Preps Varsity Water Polo, Albuquerque New Mexico
Homestead High School Varsity Water Polo, Cupertino California
San Luis Obispo Seahawks, San Luis Obispo California
All levels: Age Group-Elite Ironman Masters Triathletes
San Luis Aquatics Masters, San Luis Obispo California
San Luis Obispo Swim Club, San Luis Obispo California
National Level Club Swimmer
Club Teams: San Luis Aquatics Masters, San Luis Obispo Seahawks
De Anza Swim Club, De Anza Cupertino Aquatics, Fairbrae Swim Club,
Corvallis Aquatic Team, Philomath Swim Team
4 Year Varsity Swimming, Homestead High School
AAA-Q level age group swimming from 9-18
Undefeated Summers in Colorado and Oregon
4 Year Varsity Water Polo, Homestead High School, Cupertino California
2 Year All League Player, DAL CCS California
2 Year MVP Homestead High School, Cupertino California
SLO Triathlon with Family
Numerous Age Group and Masters Triathlons most recently: St. Anthony’s Triathlon 5i50
1st in swimming leg on several Italian triathlons
United States Swimming
American Swimming Coaches Association
World Swimming Coaches Association
United States Masters Swimming
USA Water Polo
USA Triathlon