Your first BARRACUDA team meet!

The first time many of you have participated in a USA Swimming Meet.
There are a few things to keep in mind. I will try not to overwhelm you all with too many details but will provide a few things to keep in mind:
1. DON’T PANIC! Although this will be new and loud and involve a great deal of sensory input, it WILL become routine, never fear.
2. Please be EARLY to the meet so we can have the kids ready to get into the water at the beginning of warm-up. They need to check and find a spot to camp.
3. HYDRATION: this may seem inconsequential as they are in the pool all day but it is VITAL for their health and PERFORMANCE. Lots of water please!
4. FOOD: Please bring plenty of healthy snack food for both your swimmer and yourselves. Heavy meals will lead to lethargic swimming so light fresh food is best.
5. EQUIPMENT: Please bring EXTRA suits, caps, goggles, towels – TEAM GEAR!
6. SUN exposure: Please help me keep your swimmers out of the sun as much as possible. Sun dehydrates and adds to lethargic performance.
7. COACHING: Please leave the coaching to the coaching staff as much as you can. Please encourage your swimmers to see coaches BEFORE and AFTER EVERY event. I may not coach your kids the way you would but rest assured, I know how to help them swim fast and I am FAR more competitive than my demeanor may suggest…
8. PERFORMANCE: This is your first team meet and we should view it as a BENCHMARK. Your swimmers will be competing against some stiff competition here. Encourage your swimmers to do their VERY best and be as supportive as you can.
9. TIME STANDARDS: We will be aiming as a TEAM to collect as many USA Swimming ‘B times‘ as we can. B is the first benchmark time standard for USA age group swimming.
10. DQ (Disqualification): We strive to prepare the swimmers to swim legally in competition but DQs are PART of the learning process. DQs WILL happen, it is not the end of the world. Even the most elite swimmers in the world get disqualified now and then. We will use the DQs to discuss stroke technique and improve our future performance. Coaches and swimmers ONLY are allowed to discuss DQs with Officials.
11. TIMING: Timers are volunteers and help the meet progress. Please feel free to volunteer time. You will learn a good deal more about swimming by timing the athletes.
12. TEAM!: Please remember we are ALL in this together. CHEER, encourage and support ALL of our swimmers and EACH OTHER!